Secure Send

Send secrets to others securely (and for free).

  • We will encrypt your message using AES_GCM, and return a link that contains the decryption id and key.
  • You can then send this link to the person you want to share the secret data with.

The message here will be encrypted (max 500 chars)

If specified, the receiver will need to provide this code.


We provide a Secrets Management Platform that contains secret management, password management and developer productivity tools to access and use secrets for accessing IT systems like servers, databases, either from their CLI or from their applications.
Checkout our home page at or contact us.
Your data is sent using HTTP2 end to end encryption. No proxies or load balancers will terminate the encryption.
  • Our servers will then generate a unique id and a secure random key.
  • This is used to encrypt your message using AES-GCM. with a unique secure random IV everytime.
  • Your encrypted message is stored in one of our memory stores and we return a link with the encryption key and id.
  • Data is never stored to disk, and we never store the encryption key.
  • The data is expired after the expire time you selected.
Part of our mission is making security easy and accessible for people, especially developers. We believe that by making this service free of charge we can lower any barriers that keep people from sharing data securely.

We hope you find the service useful.
For any comments or suggestions please contact us.