DevOps Password Manager

Drive your security credentials the way you want.

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Be excellent at credential management

Manage credentials for your teams and infrastructure with ease using our secure environment injection. Our kubernetes secrets manager makes credentials in the cloud a breeze.
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Programmable credential management

Use our Rest API to integrate PKHub anywhere in your system and program your own flows, to do it your way. With our Swagger Rest API you can generate your own APIs for your favourite language and write your own tools.
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Credentials in your terminal

With our pk command line tool you have your credentials, logins, secrets accessible from any terminal. Call it, pipe it, process with awk just the way you like.

pk sh --it --safe myorg --lbls prod-etl python reports

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Painless Team collaboration

Sharing credentials should be uncomplicated, and secure. We help you keep your infrastructure and team credentials in sync and always available, while not getting in your way.

Quick onboarding of new members

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Reduce risk of credential theft

Storing credentials on files on team laptops increase the risk of breaches. With our pk command line tool its easier to run applications securely via injected environments than juggling local file copies of keys and passwords.

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Stop copying credentials over email or slack

You will find it easier to share credentials using PKHub Safes than using email. Organise credentials into Safes and add the required users to each. New credentials or updates are automatically visible to Safe members.

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IT Teams

Share credentials, certificates, notes and environment variables, between teams easily and securely. Grow teams by adding members with accounts.

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Keep personal and work passwords all in one place separated logically by Safes. Share personal passwords with family and work passwords with team members.

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Run Docker and Docker Compose instances in different environments for dev, prod, test, where each environment is managed via PKHub and always encrypted.

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Manage client secrets, certificates, notes, environment variables all via one interface and in separate securely encrypted Safes.
No more sending credentials or sensitive information over email or slack.

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Encrypted Environment Injection

pk sh --it --safe myorg --lbls prod-etl python reports

Create environments with passwords and accounts that are encrypted, downloaded over HTTP2 with TLS1.3 and injected into the running environment.

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Manage secrets in a central place.
PKHub provides prepared docker images that will maintain secrets updated in kubernetes. All information is always encrypted.

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Our Security

At PKHub security is the most important to us and we up to date with the latest industry security standards. For communications we use HTTP2 always, with support for TLS1.2 and 1.3, our ciphers are also updated and checked to ensure we always have the most secure ciphers in use. Data like Secrets, Environments, Notes, Logins, are encrypted using AES256-CBC-HMAC-SHA-512.

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Zero Knowledge Encryption

Only you have the keys to decrypt your data. This means no one (not even us) can decrypt your data. None of your keys are stored on our systems ever.

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Password Manager

PKHub is so much more than a simple password manager. It is a tool that enables you to manage your encrypted data for applications, development and production environments in a secure way that avoids storing such data on local files.

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